Pink Run 2018

I & E Report for the fund-raising activity at Stanley Plaza

Stanley was surrounded by a pink charity power on 11 November 2018! One of the most glittering race events in town, 2018, was held on that day at Stanley Main Street. This year, the organiser, Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry (“THE REGISTRY”), launched a new race, Pink Family 1K Run, in addition to the well-received Pink 5K Run and 100-metre Pink Heels Race. Through this fun-filled parent-kid running activity, THE REGISTRY aims to enhance knowledge and arouse the awareness of hereditary breast, ovarian and prostate cancers caused by gene mutation in families. The fund raised will support the underserved high-risk families to undergo genetic test and counselling.

Ms. Stephanie Au, Team Hong Kong swimmer, Mr. Carlos Chan and Ms. Kathy Yuen, artists, together with Dr. Ava Kwong, Chairman of THE REGISTRY, Mr. Enrico Kwong, Creative Director cum TLC Ambassador of THE REGISTRY and Ms. Chelsea Chan, Honorary TLC Ambassador of THE REGISTRY officiated at the opening ceremony of 2018 Mr. Carlos Chan and Ms. Kathy Yuen shared the fun of exercising. They also reminded the public to do regular check-up and give support to THE REGISTRY. This was the second year that Ms. Stephanie Au joined the Pink 5K Run and she said it would be easier to finish the uphill paths if someone accompanied her to run together. She appealed to the public for being a companion of the underprivileged high-risk breast, ovarian and prostate cancer patients and their families, walking with them throughout their journey of recovery.

Race Results

Pink Family 1K Run: Wong Siu Wai, Chan Hok To
Pink 5K Run Men Champion: Kok Yu Hang
Pink 5K Run Women Champion: Chan Wing Tung
Pink Heels Race Men Champion: Lui Ka Ho
Pink Heels Race Women Champion: Cheung Ting Yan Joyce
Quadrathlon Team Race Champion: Roche
Family Fun Race Champion: 關凱情, 劉越
Best Costume Award: Leung Ka Wing, Leung Lok Ching
Top Fundraiser Award: KPMG


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