Professional Talks

16-17 Sept 2016  "Use of SPY in breast SLN mapping."  iSpies Summit@Las Vegas,USA

19-21 Aug 2016  "Oncoplasty Breast Surgery in Asia"   The Trans-Academic Cancer Genetics (TACG forum)@Yogykarta,Jarkarta

19-21 Aug 2016  "Management  of  hereditary  breast  cancer-  surgeons  perspectives"  The  Trans-Academic  Cancer  Genetics  ( TACG forum)@Yogykarta,Jarkarta

28-30 Apr  "Management of Hereditary Breast Cancer: Advances and Controversies" Global Breast Cancer Conference (GBCC)@Jeju,Korea  

2-7 Apr 2016  "Current perspective and future direction of management of hereditary breast cancer in Asia" 13th International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG 2016)@Kyoto,Japan

26-28 March 2016  "“Management of Hereditary Breast Cancer"  International breast screening and surveillance symposium. Kyungpook National University@Daegu, Korea

Feb 2016  "“ Best of Surgery SABCS"  Asia Breast Cancer Summit@Singapore

16-18 Oct 2015  "Research advances in familial breast cancer"  7th Eastern- Guangdong Breast Cancer Symposium and the 3rd Shantou International Breast Cancer Forum@Guangdong, China

7-8 Nov 2015  "Local Data on incidence of BRCA mutation in breast and ovarian cancers." 20th Annual Scientific Symposium of Hong Kong Cancer Institute “Breast Cancer Conference 

11-13 Sep 2015  "BREAST CANCER Surgery for tomorrow's Asia"  RCSEd/CSHK Conjoint Scientific Congress 2015| Asian Surgical Association 20th Asian Congress of Surgery

24-28Aug2015  Debate "Breast conservation Surgery can be done in Locally Advance Breast cancer"  Pro. Interanational Surgical Week@Bangkok Thailand

16-17 Aug 2015  "Status of research in high risk breast cancer in Hong Kong"  International breast conference in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Kyungpook National University@Daegu, Korea

8 Aug 2015  "Research of gene mutation in Breast Cancer in China"  首届岭南乳腺病论坛@Guangzhou China

2- 4July 2015  "New approach for hereditary breast cancer in the era of next generation sequencing"  23rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society@Tokyo, Japan

16-17Aug 2015  "Status of Research in High Risk Breast Cancer Patients in Hong Kong" International Conference of Breast Cancer: Prevetion, Early Diagnosis and Treatment@Daegu, Korea

23-25 Apr 2015  "Debate: Cons: Oncoplastic Surgery for small breast." Global Breast Cancer Conference & 4th International Breast Cancer Sympoisum@Jeju Island, Korea

23-25 Apr 2015  "Clinical Significance of Variants of Unknown significance (VUS) in BRCA1/2 Genes." Global Breast Cancer Conference & 4th International Breast Cancer Sympoisum@Jeju Island, Korea

11-13 Mar 15  "Oncological Safety in breast conserving and oncoplastic surgery." Barcelona Breast Meeting@Spain

25 Jan 2015  "The Role of Cancer Registry in Cancer Control." International Breast Cancer Endocrine Surgery Conference@Guangzhou, China

25 Jan 2015  "The Role of Cancer Registry in Cancer Control." International Breast Cancer Endocrine Surgery Conference@Nanjing, China

24 Jan 2015  "The Role of Cancer Registry in Cancer Control."  Best of San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposum and Endocrine Therapy Forum@Shanghai, China

30 Nov -3 Dec 2014  "Neoadjuvant therapy in breast cancer, how does it affect our surgical management."  Philippine College of Surgeons

30 Nov -3 Dec 2014  "Hereditary breast cancer and its management." 70th Annual Clinical Congress. Philippine College of Surgeons

29-30 Oct 2014  "Oncoplastic Surgery from breast surgeon’s perspective." Third Eurama Congress Muscat@Oman

17-19 Oct 2014  "Hereditary Breast Cancer in Asia."  2014 ABCC Asian Breast Cancer Conference@Taipei, Taiwan 

3-4 Oct 2014  "Comprehesive spectrum of BRCA1 and BRCA2 deleterious mutations in breast cancer in Asian countries." The 2nd Congress of the Japan Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Society and ABRCA Meeting@Tokyo, Japan

3-4 Oct 2014  Prophylactic  Mastectomy.  The  2nd   Congress  of  the Japan Oncoplastic  Breast Surgery Society and   ABRCA  Meeting@Tokyo, Japan

18-22 Sept 2014  "Research in Hereditary Breast Cancer in China." 2014 South Breast Cancer Symposium@Guangzhou, China

18-22 Sept 2014  "Options of Breast Conserving Surgery of Chinese Patients with Breast Cancer." 5th International Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Symptosium@Guangzhou, China 

29-30 Aug 2014  "Management of Hereditary Breast Cancer."  RAOF 13th Round Asia Oncology Forum 2014@Hong Kong

24-26 Apr 2014  "Neo adjuvant approach in HER2 positive breast cancer: The rapeutic implications and biomarker discovery."  3rd International Breast Cancer Symposium@Jeju, Korea

22-23 Feb 2014  "Surgery for breast cancer- Techniques to achieve good outcomes."  1st International Conference on Surgery and Surgical Education. Monash University@Johor Bahru  

22-23  Feb 2014  "BRCA Panel Discussion (moderator and presentor)."  3rd Asia-Pacific Breast Cancer Summit@Singapore

19 Jan 2014  "An update on surgical decisions in post neoadjuvant breast cancer patients." Hong Kong Surgical Forum 

19 Jan 2014  "Neoadjuvant therapy: Its application in breast cancer surgery."  Shenzhen Surgical Forum 

23-24 Nov 2013  "Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Experience of the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry and Status in Asia."  Breast Cancer Conference 18th Annual Scientific Symposium of the Hong Kong Cancer Institute

2- 3 Nov 2013  "Surgical options in locally advanced breast cancer."  5th Joint Scientific Meeting of HK College of Radiologist

28-29 Oct 2013  "Overview of Hong Kong Breast cancer Status."  Singapore-Malaysia Breast Cancer Working Group Research Meeting 

10-12 Oct 2013  "BRCA mutation spectrum and VUS"  Asia Global Breast Cancer Conference@Seoul, Korea

21 Sep 2013  "Hereditary Breast Cancer in Chinese." Guangzhou Breast Cancer Forum@China

31 Aug 2013  "Update in sentinel lymph node biopsy 乳腺癌前哨淋巴结活检在香港的发展."  Shenzhen surgical meeting关于 深圳市医学外科专业委员会第十一届外科学术会@China

Oct 2013  "Review of Mutation spectrum and VUS in Asians"  GBCC meeting@Korea

16 Sept 2013  "Breast disorders and Cancer Management."  The University of Nursing of Hong Kong, Master or Nursing@HongKong

1-3 Feb 2013  "Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer."  1st Asian Conference on Preservation of Fertility in Cancer Patients 

5 Jan 2013  "When Breast Cancer is due to hereditary causes: does management changes?" Hong Kong Surgical Forum@HongKong

9-10 Nov 2012  "Patterns of care and controversies in breast conserving surgery: application of genetic tests in practice."  3rd Asia Breast Cancer Symposium@Hayama, Japan

1-2 Sep 2012  "Surgery after Neoadjuvant therapy."  RAOF conference@Taiwan

17-18 Aug 2012  "Founder mutations in Chinese Women and Review of Findings of Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry."  Asia Hereditary Breast Cancer Research Meeting@Malaysia

17-18 Aug 2012  "Management of Hereditary Breast Cancer: Hong Kong Experience."  Asia Hereditary Breast Cancer Research Meeting@Malaysia

27 Jul 2012  "Is axillary dissection still Mandatory after positive sentinel lymph node biopsy? Ten-year experience of Queen Mary and Tung Wah Hospital."  Breast Cancer Sentinel Node Biopsy-where are we now? Hong Kong Breast Surgeons Association Symposium, Baptist Hospital

13-15 Jun 2012  "Surgical Treatment after Neo-Adjuvant Chemotherapy."  10th International Conference of the Asian Clinical Oncology Society

25-28 Apr 2012  "Hereditary Breast Cancer in Chinese."  4th  Global Chinese Breast Cancer Organizations Alliance Conference@LA, USA

25–28 Apr 2012  "Hereditary Breast Cancer in Hong Kong Chinese." "Increasing Capacity to Partner in National and Global Cancer Research and Practice for Breast Cancer among the Chinese Population" Symposium”@City of Hope Hospital LA,USA

15-17 Mar 2012  "Sentinel Lymph node biopsy: how I do it." Asia Middle East Surgery Conference@Dubai

15-17 Mar 2012  "Sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer: Workshop Faculty member." Asia Middle East Surgery Conference@Dubai

15-17 Mar 2012  "Margins of Resection in Breast Conservative Surgery: What is appropriate."  Asia Middle East Surgery Conference@Dubai

11-12 Feb 2012  "Hereditary Breast cancer in Asian Women." 1st Asia-Pacific Breast Cancer Summit@Singapore

1 Oct 2011  "Update on Surgical Clinical Trials."  Philippine Breast Cancer Society@Manila,Philippine

6-8 Oct 2011  "Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: the Hong Kong Experience." GBCC@Seoul, Korea

3 Oct 2011  "Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: the Hong Kong Experience."  Beijing Cancer Institute@China

26-28 Aug 2011  "Epidemiology of breast cancer in Hong Kong: a review 1997-2001." Round Asia Oncology Forum –Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology@Shanghai

12-13 Feb 2011  "Debate: Nipple Sparing Mastectomy: Proposer."  Controversies in Breast Cancer Symposium@Oman

23 Jan 2011  "Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer. The Hong Kong update."  First seminar of Hereditary Ovarian and Breast cancer Syndrome@Tokyo, Japan

30 Nov-3 Dec 2010  "Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: The Asia Experience." 9th Asia Pacific Conference on Human Genetics@HongKong

2 Dec2010  "Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Breast Cancer."  The Hong Kong University Health Services Lecture series

25-26 Nov 2010  "Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: The Hong Kong Asia Experience."  3rd IOPBS@Tokyo, Japan

25-26 Nov 2010  "Nipple Sparing Mastectomy: an acceptable technique. 3rd  IOPBS@Tokyo, Japan

3 Sep 2010  "Nipple Sparing Mastectomy."  Asia Breast Cancer Collaborative Group Meeting@Guangzhou

12 Jun 2010  "A review of use of vacuum assisted biopsy in removing precancerous and cancerous breast lesions."  Daegu Breast cancer Symposium@Korea

4 Jul 2010  "State of the Art in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy."  Best of ASCO China@Nanking

26 Jun 2010  "Hereditary Breast Cancer."  2nd  Southern (China) Breast Cancer Summit

9 Jan 2010  "Nipple and Skin Sparing Mastectomy, an acceptable technique?"  HK Surgical Forum@Hong Kong

6-7 Dec 2009  "Young women with breast cancer; Male breast cancer."  Philippine College of Surgeon Congress@Philippine   

8 -10 Oct 2009  "Translating molecular biomarkers into clinical management of breast cancer. Global Breast Cancer Conference 2009. Asian Breast Cancer Society@Korea

29 Oct 2009  "Facing Breast Cancer, a patient’s journey."  Goldman Sachs

24 -27 Sep 2009  "Translating molecular biomarkers into clinical management of breast cancer."  Shanghai international Breast Cancer Symposium. Fudan University@China

24 Aug 2009  "Breast Cancer Genetics: How it Changes Surgical Management."  Lunch Symposium on Update on Management of Breast Disease. College of Surgeons of Hong Kong@Hong Kong

6-10 Sep 2009  "To achieve resonance from a single voice."  International Surgical Week 

26 Feb 2009  "BRCA mutation in breast cancer patients in Hong Kong."   Translating Cancer Genetics into Clinical Practice and Public Health. Joint HKU and University of Stanford Symposium@Hong Kong

28 Nov 2008  "Career Talk for medical students of University of Hong Kong."  HK University@Hong Kong

14-15 Nov 2008  "Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Asia-Executing the Challenge."  UICC, Carif Cancer Research  Initiatives Foundation, University of Malaya. Kuala Lumpur@Malaysia

Oct 2008  "Genetics in the prevention of breast cancer."  The Federation of the Medical Societies of HK@Hong Kong

Jul 2008  "Young Women with Breast Cancer."  Surgical Forum/Joint Bangkok Hong Kong Surgical Forum

Apr 2008  "Emerging promise of a novel targeted agent for breast cancer patients in Hong Kong."  Medical Summit in Clinical Oncology 2008. The Hong Kong Cancer Therapy Society@Hong Kong

Mar 2008  "Patient Advocacy in Hong Kong."  China Breast cancer Advocacy Summit. Susan Komen  Foundation@Shanghai

Mar 2008  "How can radiologists help surgeons."  College of Radiology@Hong Kong

Jan 2008  "Breast and ovarian cancer genetics. Preservation of Fertility in Cancer Patients Symposium."  Hong Kong Society for Reproductive Medicine@Hong Kong

Nov 2007  "Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Chinese: How much do we know?"  12th  annual Scientific Symposium of HK Cancer Institute@Hong Kong

Sep 2007  "Genetic Counseling in breast cancer. Breast care Nursing module."  Institute of Advanced Nursing studies

19 Aug 2007  "New advances in early diagnosis and prevention of breast cancer."  Hong Kong Doctors Union@Hong Kong

May 2007  "The role of bisphosphonates in breast cancer management."  Hong Kong Society of Clinical Oncology@Hong Kong

May 2007  "Role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Breast Cancer Treatment."  Annual Scientific Meeting. The College of Surgeons of Hong Kong@Hong Kong

Apr 2007  "Breast cancer risk and hereditary risk of breast cancer."  American Cancer Society

Jan 2007  "Breast cancer at a young age and hereditary risk of breast cancer."  HK and Hangzhou Surgical Forum