Our Service

Genetic Counselling and Testing

Genetic testing for gene mutation allows medical professionals to identify if an individual has inherited mutated genes, which may result in an individual’s increased risk of developing breast, ovarian and other cancers. Genetic test results will provide useful information about an individual's cancer risk. The Registry is keen to support underprivileged local Hong Kong residence in the HRBCP to undergo genetic testing for BRCA mutations with subsequent aim for intensive screening and to provide advice on preventive measures.

Psychosocial Services

The Registry aims at providing multi-disciplinary services to our patients. We highly value the importance of overall wellbeing and psychological adjustment of high-risk families. Other than the initial cancer risk assessment and genetic counselling service, we usually maintain long-term relationships with our patients. Our clinical team will follow up and support high risk families along the way. If necessary, clinical psychologist will provide free counselling session for individuals, couples and families in need. Our services include pre-marital genetic advice, psychological support and assistance in helping mutated gene carriers to communicate the condition with family members (esp. parents communicating the family condition to their second generations), assessment and support before prophylactic surgeries etc. In the foreseeable future, we will continue to fundraise in order to expand our psychosocial service to these high risk patients with specific needs.

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