Pink Heels Race & Pink 5K Run 2016

Financial Report for the Fund-raising Activity on Nov 13, 2016

One of the most sparkling charity event Pink Heels Race was held successfully at the Stanley Main Street on the 13th November 2016. This year, with the new event Pink 5K Run, Pink Heels Race has broken previous records with more than 400 participants! Everyone enjoyed the run as well as the fun charity booths, making it a wonderful Sunday at Stanley.


The event kick started with the Pink 5K Run in the morning. The new route extended form Stanley all the way to Chung Hom Kok passing by the Ma Hang Park brought a whole new experience for runners who were encouraged to challenge themselves with the stairs and slopes along the track and at the same time, enjoy the beautiful scenery. The warm up led by Star Trainer Ms. Utah Lee set the rhythm for the race where other Star Runners arrived early to prepare for the run. The race started at 10:30, more than 300 runners gathered at the starting arch and ran full speed as the horn was sound. With spectacular results, the men and women champions each won an exceptional prize - a watch sponsored by Baume et Mercier.


The Kickoff Ceremony for Pink Heels Race was held at 12pm at the Stanely Plaza Amphitheatre. Officiating guest Ms. Hilary Tsui shared her experience in running with Chairman of Hong Kong Hereditary Breat Cancer Family Registry Dr. Ava Kwong on stage. Star Runners also shared their feelings about the run and agreed that the race was very meaningful with the challenging track  symbolizing the obstacles cancer patients need to go through fighting the illness. Pink Heels Race kicked start immediately after the ceremony. The Pink Heels Race consisted of 4 categories, Men/Women Individual, Team and Family Race where awareness of hereditary cancers was raised through the games designed for the races. To encourage participants’ support for hereditary breast cancers, the organizer has specially assigned fabulous prizes for The Best Costume Award for race participants and the public with the most attractive and creative pink costumes. Pink Heels Race ended with laughs and appaluses at the prize presentation ceremony where prizes were given to the winners of the 4 races along with Best Costume and Top Fundraiser Award.


Race Results

Pink 5K Run Men Champion  Tang Man Wa

Pink 5K Run Women Champion  Wong Tsz Yan  

Pink Heels Race Men Champion  Lui Ka Ho

Pink Heels Race Women Champion  Cheung TingYan

Quadrathlon Team Race Champion  Metlife

Family Fun Race Champion  Cathryn Yip Loch Ling/Audrey Infinity Wong

Best Costume Award  Cathryn Yip Loch Ling/Audrey Infinity Wong

Top Fundraiser Award  Metlife


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