Free Wig + Styling Programme

At the Registry, we do not only support patients in the medical aspects by providing free genetic tests for those with high risks in hereditary cancers, we also care for the patients’ psychological welfare. While hair loss often happens to patients undergoing chemotherapy, such side effect may be seen as negative to the patients’ physical appearance affecting their self-esteem. By launching the Free Wig + Styling Programme, we hope to boost the patients’ confidence during their cancer treatment, making them look good and feel good about themselves which will also help lessen their stress in fighting the battle with cancer.

The Free Wig + Styling Programme will be the first and only wig sponsorship programme in Hong Kong that comes with a free styling services for patients. With the joint sponsorship by YOSHE Hair and

La Môd Salon, service users will be provided with a free wig and styling service for a hairstyle that they feel most comfortable in.

This programme welcomes the application of hair loss cancer patients affected by chemotherapy. Interested individuals need to meet certain criteria and submit an application for assessment.

For further details of the programme and the application process please call us at 3155 6500.

Download link of application form:

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