BReast Concern Action 2015

Organized by Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry (“THE REGISTRY), the Launch Ceremony of BReast Concern Action 2015 was successfully held on May 6 2015. THE REGISTRY’s Chairman Dr. Ava KWONG joined hands with TLC Ambassador Ms. Jessica Hester HSUAN, Ms. Leila KONG (Tong Ning) and TLC Ambassador & Voluntary Creative Director Mr. Enrico KWONG, to kick off the annual public educational and awareness campaign at the Covered Piazza of Times Square in Causeway Bay.

The ceremony was started with Dr Ava KWONG’s welcoming address. She said “This is the 6th year of BReast Concern Action, we would never be able to continue the Campaign every year and benefit the community in such a way without sponsorship from our supporters for years. Through the Campaign, we would like to raise awareness and educate public the knowledge about Hereditary Cancer and the risk of developing cancers due to BRCA gene mutations.” She added that some patients may worry about how to facing the result and do not accept to undergo genetic testing even though they are at high risk. She said “In view of this, we use “I’m BRCA +” as the event theme this year. Hereditary is something you are born with, there is no shame of being the carrier of BRCA gene mutations. We should face it positively, live with it and yet enjoy the beautiful life ahead!”

Mr. Enrico KWONG introduced the event key visual of models in confident pose and the overall creative concept of the Campaign. He said “In order to enhance the public awareness towards hereditary cancers, we adopted the booth design with the icon of BOP triple color ribbon. We also installed distorting mirrors and games on the panels, so people can easily learn the medical message and knowledge in a funny and lively way “. He also encouraged people to participate and share their experiences on social media which can help spread the positive message.

Ms. Leila KONG (Tong Ning), a young mother with two kids, shared her experience on babysitting. It has to spend extra caring and more attention on the babies for children growth. She said “I am taking good care of myself and wish to accompany my children longer, on every stage in their growth.” She also encouraged parent should be more conscious of health for the sake of their children. Understand more about family history and the risk of getting hereditary cancers, it is the best way to protect family members and the next generation. Lastly, Ms. Jessica HSUAN said “It can be a vicious circle if just covering the flaw on our skin. In fact, it is similar to gene mutation. If you hide and neglect the problem, it does not mean cancer does not happen. Therefore, we should face it positively and do something better, live healthy and do regular medical check-ups. People can also enjoy their beautiful life with gene mutations.”