Pink Run.HK 2024 Came Back to Stanley

Gathering of Celebrities to Cheer and Raise Funds for Hereditary Cancer Patients


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Pink Run.HK 2024, the annual charity event organized by the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry (“THE REGISTRY”), came back to Stanley today! After a hiatus since 2018, Pink Run made its comeback in Stanley, aiming to raise public awareness of health and support patients with hereditary breast cancer and other hereditary cancers. Ambassadors and voluntary creative director Mr Enrico Kwong, Teresa Mo, Kathy Yuen, Sammy Shum, Roxanne Ho,and So Wa Wai were turned out to show their support and raise funds for hereditary cancer patients.


Pink Run.HK 2024 received an overwhelming response, with various races categories filled up! More than 500 participants joined this grand event! The races included three main categories: Pink Heels Race (including Men's 100M, Women's 100M, and Team Race), Pink Family Run (including Family 1K ,Family 100M Obstacle Fun Race), and Pink 5K Run (including Men's 5K, Women's 5K). The funds raised will be used to support support of BRCA testing for underprivileged high-risk families, counselling services, precautions against breast cancer and clinical research projects.


Pink 5K Run: Challenge Physical Strength, Experience Freshness


Over 400 participants started from the Stanley Promenade Soccer Pitch, climbed the steep slope of Chung Hom Kok Road, passed through dense woodlands, ran along the scenic coastal path near Stanley Ma Hang Park, and finally returned to the finish line on Stanley Main Street. Many participants expressed that this route provided them with a unique combination of physical and visual enjoyment.


Pink Family Run: Facing Challenges Together with Family


The Family 1K attracted dozens of families, with the Registry aiming to encourage family to establish a healthy lifestyle through simple interaction. The Family 100M Obstacle Fun Race took place on Stanley Main Street, where participants crossed obstacles set up on the track, completing the challenge together amidst laughter and joy.


Pink High Heels Charity Race: High Heels Run Showcasing Care


The signature event was the Pink Heels Race on Stanley Main Street in the afternoon. Dozens of participants wore pink heels with a minimum height of 1.5 inches and raced on the street covered in pink carpets, symbolizing their care for hereditary breast cancer and other hereditary cancers patients.


Local Celebs Turn Out to Cheer for Hereditary Cancer Patients

Event started with a warm-up session at 10:00 am, followed by the 5K run. Roxanne Ho joined 5K Run! At 12:00 pm, Teresa Mo, Kathy Yuen, Sammy Shum, So Wa Wai, Professor Ava Kwong, Chairperson of the Registry, and voluntary creative director Mr. Enrico Kwong unveiled the event on Stanley Plaza Amphitheatre. During the ceremony, Teresa Mo, Kathy Yuen, Sammy Shum enthusiastically discussed the joys of sports, emphasizing the importance of regular check-ups and good health, and calling on the public to fully support the work of the Registry. So Wa Wai shared his personal experience and cheered on the runners .Professor Ava Kwong stated, "The intention behind organizing the Pink Run is to raise awareness for hereditary breast cancer and other hereditary cancers patients. Every step taken by the participants represents their support and care for them. Through the work of the Registry, we are committed to bringing hope and change to these patients."


In addition to the championship, first runner-up, and second runner-up awards, each race also featured the most creative "Best Costume" and the most meaningful "Top Fundraiser” with abundant prizes. This charity run aims to raise funds to support the services of the Registry while also raising public awareness of hereditary breast cancer and other hereditary cancer.


About Us


The Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry ( ‘THE REGISTRY’) is the only and first-ever charitable organization. Established in 2007, THE REGISTRY is dedicated to helping the high-risk families who have hereditary risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer due to BRCA gene mutations. We also aim to advance and standardize clinical care by formulating preventative measures through data collection, research, public education, counseling and supportive care services in reducing the incidence of hereditary cancers in Chinese population. Currently, THE REGISTRY has the largest database and biobank of hereditary breast cancers specimens in Chinese which would facilitate better understanding of the disease locally and globally.


We have helped over 6,100 individuals (including more than 4,700 index patients) and over 1,200 mutation carriers have been identified. Some of them have been referred for breast surveillance or other support at THE REGISTRY designated high-risk breast clinic for better disease management. 








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