Pink Run.HK 2020


Similar to genes mutation, our surroundings can change unexpectedly. This year, to adapt to and embrace the new normal, PINKRUN.HK 2020 (referred to as "Pink Run") goes VIRTUAL. Let’s unleash your PINK POWER by running anytime and anywhere!

‘Pink Run’ features three races, namely Pink 50km Challenge Run,Pink 5km Energetic RunandPink 100m Fun Run. The ‘Pink Run’ mobile app will be available for download worldwide in November, through which runners around the world can experience the joy of ‘Pink Run’ and share their ‘Pink Run’ stories with the exclusive photo frames. 

For ‘Pink 50km Challenge Run’ and ‘Pink 5km Energetic Run’, participants must sign up on or before 23rd November 2020 to be eligible to track and submit their running records via the ‘Pink Run’ mobile app between 28th November and 6th December 2020, with a view to winning a ‘Pink Run’ gift bag valued over HK$750 filled with the limited-edition ‘Pink Run’ reusable mask, Christmas special ‘Pink Run’ medal, ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk SPF50+ PA++++ (60ml), SENKA Perfect Whip Collagen In (15g) and HK$200 Chicco coupons and more.



Meanwhile, Lulu Tung joins hands for the first time with Voluntary Creative Director and TLC Ambassador Mr Enrico Kwong to star in this year’s campaign video, showcasing the dedicated ‘Pink Run’ gear including the limited-edition ‘Pink Run’ reusable mask and the ‘Pink Run’ mobile app. Sports enthusiasts, parents and merrymakers are tapped to join ‘Pink Run’ with friends and families to support the promotion of public understanding and awareness of hereditary breast, ovarian and prostate cancer! 



Download link of promotional video:

‘Pink Run.HK 2020’ (formerly known as ‘Pink Heels Race’) is an annual charitable event organised by Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry.  It aims to promote knowledge and risk awareness of hereditary breast, ovarian and prostate cancer and also to raise fund for supporting the underserved high-risk families by undergoing BRCA genetic testing and counselling services.

Pre- & Post-race Pink Fun!

1. Jaw Dropping Pink Run Filter
It does not matter if you are on the track or the side lines, you can be a pink runner with the ‘Jaw Dropping Pink Run Filter’! Search the ‘Pink Run’ special effect filter from the Instagram or Facebook story filter page to have your face attached to the pink runner avatar and start the game. In a hilarious twist, players need to control their running speed with their mouth ‘wide open’—the wider the mouth opening, the faster the speed. And the fastest will run with the ultimate ‘Pink Run Burning Speed’ effect!

Instagram Story Filter:
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Facebook Story Filter:

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‘Finish Line Crossing’ Photo Frames
Pink runners around the globe can participate in the ‘Pink 100m Fun Run’ for free via the ‘Pink Run’ mobile app. Upon finishing the race within the given time limit, you can capture the triumphant moment with the ‘Finish Line Crossing’ photo frame and share it on Instagram and Facebook. Go-getters can join the ‘Pink 50km Challenge Run’ and ‘Pink 5km Energetic Run’ to collect photo frames of the respective races.

photo frames 01 photo frames 02 photo frames 03

3. ‘Pink Run’ gift
This year’s fun-drenched ‘Pink Run’ offers a fabulous array of playful yet functional finisher goodies for runners in ‘Pink 50km Challenge Run’ and ‘Pink 5km Energetic Run’. These include the limited-edition ‘Pink Run’ reusable mask, Christmas special ‘Pink Run’ medal, ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk SPF50+ PA++++ (60ml), SENKA Perfect Whip Collagen In (15g) and HK$200 Chicco couponswith a total value of more than HK$750.

Pink Run.HK 2020

Event period:28 November 2020 (12:00am HKT) -  6 December 2020 (11:59pm HKT)
Enrollment date: Now till 23 November 2020 (11:59pm HKT)
Categories: Pink 50km Challenge Run, Pink 5km Energetic Run, Pink 100m Fun Run
Time Limits: No time limit but it must be completed within the event period
Venue: No limit (Runners from around the world are welcome)

Registration fee (Per person):
Pink 50km Challenge Run: HKD100;
Pink 5km Energetic Run: HKD100;
Pink 100m Fun Run: Free

Enquiry number: 3611 0326
Enquiry E-mail:
Registration Website:

Be part of the pink cause now! Limited quotas apply on a first-come, first-served basis!

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