BReast Concern Action 2020

Organised by the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry (hereafter referred to as ‘The Registry’), ‘BReast Concern Action’ is the annual public educational campaign, which aims to raise awareness and understanding of hereditary breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer among the public. This year we are honoured to have Cantonese pop stars Jessica Hsuan, Rebecca Chan, Sherman Chung, Skye Chan, Daniel Suek, Lulu Tung and Jarryd Tam starring in the six campaign videos. Slated to be debut on online platforms between May and June 2020, the videos will lead the public to a more clear and interesting picture of hereditary cancers caused by genetic mutation and the services provided by ‘The Registry’.


For the first time, the ‘BReast Concern Action 2020’ kick-off ceremony has been held on online platforms in early May, with the debut of “Genetic Test”, the first video in the series. Officiated by The Registry Chairman Professor Ava Kwong, the event encourages the public to care for their families and next generations by understanding more about hereditary cancers and the risk tied to their family trees. ‘Since 2010, “BReast Concern Action” has come a long way over a decade. Thanks in no small part to the support and sponsorship from all walks of life,’ said Prof Kwong. ‘With the six new campaign videos presented in an intriguing storytelling approach, we would like to introduce the services provided by the “The Registry” and raise public concern about hereditary cancers and their family cancer history, which hopefully will be spread widely via their social network.’ The Q & A session at the kick-off ceremony was held via online video conference, where guests had live conversations with Prof Kwong, which enlightened the public on more details of ‘BReast Concern Action’.


In line with the diverse services provided by ‘The Registry’, the six videos serve to boost public understanding and awareness of hereditary cancers.

1. “Genetic Test”: An individual with a strong family cancer history has a higher chance of genetic mutation and thus risk of cancer. Jessica Hsuan and Lulu Tung deliver the significance of genetic testing in lifting the sense of uncertainty in cancer risk and helping people make informed decisions about managing their health care.


“Genetic Test” video:

2. “Dear Gene”: Diagnosed with BRCA gene-related breast cancer, theatre actress Anna Lo shares the tormenting personal experience. Through her heartfelt dialogue with the ‘gene’, she encourages hereditary breast cancer patients to keep on fighting.


“Dear Gene” video:

3. “Breast Surveillance Programme”: The story of two women with opposite personalities on the beach illustrates how people press their luck in face of cancer risk. It is a powerful reminder of BRCA induced cancer risk and the importance of early breast examination.


“Breast Surveillance Programme” video:

4. “To Live To Love”: Skye Chan plays the ovarian cancer-stricken heroine who creates beautiful memories with her beloved husband (Daniel Suek) and daughter with her life prolonged by the targeted oral medication. The video introduces to the public the ‘Free BRCA Ovarian Cancer Drug Programme’, which provides eligible patients with suitable medication to delay cancer recurrence.


“To Live To Love” video:

5. “My Breast Friend”: Rebecca Chan, Sherman Chung and Jarryd Tam demonstrate how mobile application, ‘Breast Friend’ assists cancer patients and their family members. This application combines notification for follow-up consultations, electronic health record and therapeutic blog writing to accompany patients during their journey of recovery.


“My Breast Friend” video:

6. “Wig Up”: The video depicts an attentive hairstylist styling wigs as an introduction to the ‘Free Wig + Styling Programme’ launched by ‘The Registry’.


“Wig Up” video: