Pink Desserts 2019

RBH 4063           Porf and Pink Dessert Ambassadors

The sweetest charitable event in town Pink Dessertscame with new surprises! From September to November, customers can order Pink Desserts or designated products at 46 participating merchants. The whole or part of the sale proceeds will go to the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry (“The Registry”) for financing the underserved high-risk families to access free genetic testing, counseling services and preventative measures.

The Registry Chairman Professor Ava Kwong andPink Desserts 2019 Ambassadors Miss Shiga Lin, Miss Ava Liu & Miss Kelly Chen officiated the kick-off ceremony on 28 August. Special thanks to our event sponsor HABITŪ & venue sponsor Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel this year. As a high light of our event, all guestswere cordially invited to taste the desserts and gave out ‘Like’ to the favorite dessert. HABITŪreceived the most ‘Like’ at the end of the tasting session and entitled to ‘My favorite Pink Dessert at Kick-Off Ceremony’.

Each guest received special treats sponsored by “Häagen-Dazs” & “Supernutri Nutrition & Wellness”

Professor Kwong shared the latest High Risk Breast Surveillance Programme which provides free breast check-up for high risk patients. She hopes that more people are aware of hereditary cancer.

Pink Desserts group 2019

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