PINK DESSERTS for a cause 2013

Dessert has always given people sweet, happy and warm feelings, whereas Pink Colour represents love. Therefore, PINK DESSERTS expresses our awareness and care towards the high-risk group of hereditary cancers. We are grateful to have artist Bob Lam who brings happiness to people with his smiling face and sweet Kandy Wong, pop singer and TV anchor of a dessert programme known to many, be accredited as our Pink Desserts Ambassadors this year. Together with THE REGISTRY’s TLC Ambassador Enrico Kwong, Bob and Kandy take the lead to taste Pink Desserts for a good cause.

Moreover, Pink Desserts Awards for restaurants and customers will be set up in appreciation of the support of participating outlets, as well as to encourage public participation and increase coverage by the social media and mobile networking platform and hence facilitating better awareness. From 1st October to 15 November 2013, Pink Dessert customers can upload and vote for their “Like” Pink Desserts Snapshots. Share the joy to friends, donate to charity and yet have a chance to win awards. It is a triple surprise brought to you by “PINK DESSERTS for a cause”!