BReast Concern Action 2013

The Kick-Off ceremony for the BReast Concern Action 2013 - Slap Him! was held at the Covered Piazza, Times Square, Causeway Bay at 2pm on June 6th 2016. Mr Edmond LEUNG, Mr Andy HUI, Mr William SO, Ms Siubo CHAN joined hands with The Registry Chairman Dr. Ava KWONG, the Medical Advisor Dr. Kar Fai TAM and TLC Ambassador Mr. Enrico KWONG aroused awareness of the general public on taking care of the well-being of their families, starting from understanding the hereditary cancers during the ceremony. Breast cancer survivors were also invited to the ceremony to share their experiences in getting supports from their husbands, giving birth to children and living a happy life after knowing they had gene mutations.


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