BReast Concern Action 2016

BReast Concern Action 2016 #inheritedgenes

The Kick-Off Ceremony for the BReast Concern Action 2016 (BRCA) educational exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry (The Registry) was held at the Covered Piazza, Times Square, Causeway Bay at 3pm today.  The Registry Chairman Dr. Ava Kwong officiated the event with BRCA 2016 Ambassadors Ms. Janet Ma, Miss Kayla Wong, Ms. Gigi Wong, Mr. Tsui Shaoping and Voluntary Creative Director cum TLC Ambassador Mr. Enrico Kwong and special guest and event supporter Mrs. Fok Guo Jing Jing and Ms. Amanda Lui.

The Registry Chairman Dr. Ava Kwong gave the opening speech at the Kick-Off Ceremony. She said, Parents would inherit a lot to their children, it could be good characteristics, but would also inherit genetic diseases to their children. Nowadays with the improvement of the medical technology, genetic mutation could be revealed by undergoing the genetic test, and then could take preventive measures. Moreover, there are pills which are specially invented for the gene mutated patients; therefore, even if someone inherited gene mutation could also have a well-lived life.

Voluntary Creative Director cum TLC Ambassador Mr. Enrico Kwong introduced the notion of the theme of the event #inheritedgenes. He said, Family members could have a lot of similarities, it could be shown from the appearance, but could not be easily seen on genetic diseases caused by bad genes. I hope people could be aware of what they have inherited from their parents or inherited to their children not only through this educational exhibition but would also by uploading the pictures taken with family members, thus could pay close attention to hereditary cancers. He also encouraged the audience to invite their family members and friends to join this internet game and to spread the positive message to others.

To mark the start of BRCA 2016, officiating guests opened the door of the mansions of love with a key, unlocking The Registry logo that represents the responsibility of family members in the awareness of hereditary cancers.  Roving exhibitions were held in May and June in Times Square, Telford Plaza and Citywalk,  where over 1,500 questionnaires were collected, giving us a better picture of how well the general public understands about hereditary cancers.

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