BReast Concern Action 2021




‘BReast Concern Action’ is the annual public educational campaign organised by the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry (hereafter referred to as The Registry),goes public on online platforms between July and August, with a view to raise public awareness and knowledge about hereditary cancers and the services provided by The Registry.

BReast Concern Action 2021 “Heredity Concern” with its minimalistic visuals aims to convey direct but powerful messages that unravel the mysteries surrounding hereditary cancers. “Risk Assessment”, “Preventative Measures” and “Family Awareness” are the key ideas behind the campaign that can hopefully be spread widely on social media raising public awareness of the disease.

Gene mutation carriers may be asymptomatic but being well informed of Hereditary Cancers can better help with managing your family and your own health risks.

Clik HERE to view the video.