High-Risk Breast Surveillance Programme - Press Conference

Professor Ava KWONG, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Registry, states that women with BRCA mutation or other related gene mutations should start a comprehensive breast cancer surveillance beginning at 25 years old. The screening should include a clinical breast examination, breasts ultrasound, MRI breast scan and either 2D or 3D mammogram. Nevertheless, there is still lack of awareness of the importance of surveillance in this high-risk group. Plus, some women may not be able to afford these diagnostics tests due to the cost of the tests. That may increase the chance of missed diagnosis.

To guarantee genetic mutation carriers’ assess to surveillance for early cancer detection and timely treatment to prevent the disease from advancing into incurable end-stage cancer, The Registry has launched a “High-Risk Breast Surveillance Programme” fully supported by Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, sponsored by HSBC Life and supported by the Diagnostic Imaging Department of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road, Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, Hong Kong Women's Imaging Ltd and Trinity Medical Centre. The programme offers a free comprehensive cancer screening comprising breasts ultrasound, MRI breast scan and 3D mammogram to the eligible applicants.

The Registry held a press conference on 5 June, at which Prof Ava Kwong, Chairman of The Registry shared the latest data of hereditary breast cancer from The Registry and the importance of early screening as well as the Programme details. Ms. Tong, a genetic mutation breast cancer patient, also attended the press conference to share her experience of undergoing genetic testing, regular screening, early diagnosis and full recovery from breast cancer.


The Programme benefits both cancer patients and individuals without cancer who have gene mutations related to breast cancer; priority will be given to those belonging to low and middle-income groups. Applicants should be referred by the doctor and pass both the income and asset tests. For more details, please call 3155 6500 or click here.